Asia CEO Forum

Expatriate Executive of the Year


The award is open to any non-Filipino who achieved measurable success while overseeing an organization within the Philippines. The accomplishment must have made a strong contribution to the development of the country's economic capabilities and its human capital.

The majority of demonstrable results, major new activities or initiative(s) should have occurred within the current calendar year but may have begun earlier.


  1. Pioneering Achievements - Discuss what is unique or first-of-its-kind about the products/services or techniques/process implemented by the expatriate executive.
  2. Financial Contribution - Explain the financial impact (sales, profitability) of the expatriate executive’s achievements and provide credible supporting information including comparative data (current vs. prior year).
  3. Recognition - Provide any recognitions received by the expatriate executive related to his or her achievements and organizational improvements including supporting documentation. Include the name of the awarding organization, title of award and year.
  4. Social Commitment - Describe the expatriate executive’s commitment and activities that help improve the country’s economic and social capabilities, and project the nation in a positive manner.
  5. Management Achievement - Describe how the projects and initiatives of the expatriate executive translated to improvements in his or her organization that could include financial growth, market position, customer service, employee engagement, efficiency, etc. Provide supporting documentation comparative data, internal reports (including financial statements) and/or recognition.
  6. Cultural Integration - Explain how the expatriate executive is promoting cultural diversity in the workplace and the results in productivity, profitability and employee relationships.