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CSR Company of the Year

World Vision


The award is open to corporate and non-corporate organizations that achieved important success in providing a social commitment to the Filipino people by promoting environmental protection & awareness, livelihood programs and youth development projects which can contribute to the society. The criteria for this awards are as follows:

A. Leadership Commitment - The management/leadership team should have demonstrated their commitment in sponsoring CSR projects for their own respective organizations.

B. Sustainability - The CSR projects should be sustainable and viable such that  it has a long lasting effect to the community where it is implemented.

C. Workforce Involvement - The CSR projects should promote the value of volunteerism to its workforce such that employees are encouraged to contribute their talents and skills that can enhance the lives of the people living on the communities they serve.

D. Relevance - The CSR projects should be relevant to the current needs of the community they have served .

E. Social Impact - The CSR project should have left a strong footprint in our society such that it has served as an inspiration for other organizations to follow.

The majority of demonstrable results, major new activities or initiative(s) should have occurred within the current calendar year but may have begun earlier.