Asia CEO Forum

SME Company of the Year


The award is open to any Profit-Making Company that achieved important success expanding its business and hiring employees. Candidates can be of any sector but preference is given to companies that involve home-grown concepts with Philippine cultural contributions. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are defined as non-subsidiary, independent firms employing between 10 and 500 employees.

The majority of demonstrable results, major new activities or initiative(s) should have occurred within the current calendar year but may have begun earlier.


  1. Pioneering Achievements - Provide information that the SME company’s products or services are unique in some manner.
  2. Leadership - Describe the business achievements of the SME company. These could include revenue growth, expansions in locations, new products launched, employee hiring, profitability, etc. Supporting documentation should be included.
  3. Financial Contribution - Explain how the SME company’s financial status has improved over past years. Include any documentation such as financial statements that is available.
  4. Social Commitment - Describe activities and initiatives that demonstrate the SME company is interested to improve the lives and conditions of people outside its organization.
  5. Recognition - Provide any recognitions received by the SME company related to its operational achievements. Supporting documentation could include newsletters, media coverage, press releases, etc. If there are awards received, include the name of the awarding organization, title of award and year.