Asia CEO Forum

Technology Company of the Year

SPi Global


The award is open to corporate organizations, academe and startup companies that focuses on Information and Communications Technology, Bio Technology & Material Science, Sciences and Math & Engineering.

A. Management Achievement - The Technical team should have demonstrated specific situations or projects where the organization was improved because of outstanding technical leadership in IT or engineering.

B. Financial Contribution - The Technical Team's achievement(s) should have resulted in a major financial input to their organization.

C. International Recognition - The Technical Team's accomplishment(s) should be internationally recognizable as important to their organization. This may involve situations where the Technical Team enhanced processes in other countries or played a significant role in expanding the organization's affairs. It may also be that the organization's technical operations are conducted at world-class standards of performance as compared to similar businesses in other countries.

D. Pioneering Achievements - The Technical Team should have demonstrated products, services or techniques that are considered unique or innovative in its sector and of recognizable international importance.

E. Social Commitment - The Technical Team should have demonstrated a commitment to the development of the nation's economic capability.

The majority of demonstrable results, major new activities or initiative(s) should have occurred within the current calendar year but may have begun earlier.