Asia CEO Forum

Entrepreneur of the Year


The award is open to individuals who started enterprises from scratch and built them into larger organizations providing pioneering services and product, employment for Filipinos and expansion into multiple locations. The criteria for judging are as follows.

The majority of demonstrable results, major new activities or initiative(s) should have occurred within the current calendar year but may have begun earlier.


  1. Pioneering Achievements - Provide any information whether the entrepreneur has provided products or services that were unique to competitors or first-of-its-kind for the country.
  2. Financial Contribution - Explain the financial impact of the entrepreneur’s achievements and include credible supporting information including comparative data (current vs. prior year). Data should include sales and revenue growth, net income, units of products sold, customers added, employees hired and other relevant information.
  3. Social Commitment - Describe activities and initiatives that demonstrate the entrepreneur is interested to improve the lives and conditions of people outside his or her organization.
  4. Recognition - Provide any recognitions received by the entrepreneur for its business achievements. Supporting documentation could include internal reports, newsletters, media coverage, etc. If there are awards received, include the name of the awarding organization, title of award and year.
  5. Management Achievement - Describe the entrepreneur’s achievements in business his or her business and overcoming obstacles along the way. Provide information and documentation that the business was started small and grew larger because of the hands-on efforts of the entrepreneur: What markets were penetrated?; What products and services were provided?; What strategies led to market expansion?; etc.