Asia CEO Forum

Company of the Year


The award is open to an organization that achieved important success that is considered important in the development of the country's economy and society. The company's management should have also demonstrated exceptional leadership skills resulting to the maximization of stakeholders values. The accomplishment(s) must demonstrate the following criteria.

The majority of demonstrable results, major new activities or initiative(s) should have occurred within the current calendar year but may have begun earlier.


  1. Leadership and Governance - Describe the business achievements of the organization. These could include revenue growth, local and international expansion, new products launched, employees hired, employees hired, market penetration, etc. Also provide corporate governance practices have been improved upon such as risk management strategy, data security, investor and employee rights, transparency of ownership and board of directors, etc.
  2. Financial Contribution - Explain details of the financial achievements of the organization in terms of gross revenues, net income, number of products sold or services delivered, etc. with supporting information that could include financial statements (preferably audited).
  3. Recognition - Provide any recognitions received by the organization for its business achievements. Supporting documentation could include internal reports, newsletters, media coverage, etc. If there are awards received, include the name of the awarding organization, title of award and year.
  4. Social Commitment - Describe activities and initiatives that demonstrate the organization is improving the lives and conditions of the nation and it people. These could include corporate social responsibility programs, international recognition, partnering with government initiatives, promoting the country as a business destination, etc.
  5. Pioneering Achievements - Explain what is unique or first-of-its-kind about the organizations products and services, or processes and techniques within the industry or international setting.